Thank you for your interest in the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office. This will inform you of the pay, position requirements, functional disposition, and operational parameters of the position. We here at the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office pride ourselves on professionalism, respect, and common courtesy to our coworkers and the community we serve. We look for the same qualities in our applicants. In return, we offer a rewarding, thorough experience at a sheriff’s office serving a large and well respected community. We offer special operations including our Emergency Response Team, Investigations, K-9 unit, and Marine unit. Please refer to the departmental requirements below.

Department History

OOC: Founded in early 2019 as the Fox Hollow County Sheriff’s Office with the first Sheriff being Ethan Martingale, the department has undergone several reiterations and changes as Fox Hollow grew and expanded from one sim to two, to three, to the seventeen we are at today. Following the 2020 reincorporation of Fox Hollow as a city and Jasper County as the greater county Fox Hollow resides in, the name Jasper County Sheriff’s office was chosen. In April of 2021, Joseph Garcia was appointed as the Sheriff of Jasper County, being employed for his community first policies and desire to change the course of the department towards that of a friendly face. We pride ourselves on realistically depicting a small town Sheriff’s office; you won’t find everyone with a different supervisor title, a million different ranks, and poor roleplay standards here. What you will find is a decently sized, roleplay driven and heavily realistic small town sheriff’s office that aims to bring fun and engaging roleplay to the larger community. This means if you type one word /me’s and can’t type “you” without spelling it “u”, this probably isn’t the department for you. But if you’re that kind of person you probably didn’t read this far, anyway. If you’re still interested in what we have to offer – Congratulations! Please refer to the position requirements below and the application below that.  

Position Requirements

Position: Deputy Sheriff I (Probationary)
Pay: $52,499/year (Annual before overtime/bonuses) ((RP salary))
Citizenship Requirement: U.S Citizen
Age Requirement: Minimum 21 years old by time of swearing in/completion of academy. Maximum age 45 years at time of hire.
Educational Requirements: High School Diploma or G.E.D AND Associates Degree/60 college credits OR Two years verifiable law enforcement or military experience
Additional requirements include:

  • Pass a departmental sponsored Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Possess a valid Fox Hollow Driver’s License by time of hire.
  • Be of good moral character and not have been convicted of any crimes within Fox Hollow or any capitol crimes in any community with a de-facto or written extradition agreement.
  • Be mentally and physically fit for the position.

The right candidate will be:

  • Be a friendly, yet assertive when necessary face in the community.
  • Able to Multi-task effectively
  • Creatively interpret and follow general direction with little direct supervision.
  • Able to demonstrate responsibility for one’s own actions.
  • Able to show initiative and courage.
  • Able to work in an occasionally high stress, potentially dangerous work environment.

((OOC Requirements:))

  • Be in good standing with Fox Hollow as a community.
  • Be a above average roleplayer, ability to type passable /me’s and interactions is a necessity.
  • While we offer reimbursement/”pay” biweekly, this isn’t going to be enough to cover equipment. We have some items full-perm, but the expectation is you will still have to pay for uniforms, equipment, vehicles, etc.
  • Be a non-toxic, generally agreeable individual.

Hiring Process

From filing an application, the following process occurs:

  • Administrative Review – The Sheriff will review your application with his command team. This typically takes 12-48 hours.
  • Interview – If we like your application, you’ll be contacted for an in person interview.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation & Background Check – If we want to move forward with hiring you, you’ll be asked to conduct a psychiatric evaluation while we run a background check.
  • Conditional Offer of Employment – If you pass both the background check and psychiatric evaluation, you’ll be offered conditional employment. This will be either as a Deputy Sheriff Cadet for people without verifiable experience, or as a Deputy Sheriff I (Probationary) for applicants with verifiable experience who need FTO time more centered around departmental policies and procedures.

Applications can be found here!