The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office operates several platoons and specialized units to help support our law enforcement and community outreach efforts.

Sheriff Joseph Garcia

Joseph Stephen Garcia-Dreyar was born on Christmas Eve of 1990 in Yokosuka, JP to Military Parents Emma and Robert Garcia.

He would serve a career in the United States Coast Guard specializing in Unit Operations before making his break into Law Enforcement. He has Law Enforcement Experience in New York, Colorado, and North Carolina.

Sheriff Garcia lives in Juniper Mountain Township with his fiancée Ai Lacombe.

Captain Gabriel Garcia, Chief Deputy
Captain Jacob Fear, Administration Captain

Foxwood Platoon

Platoon Commander
Platoon Sergeant

  • Deputy Corporal Bailey Robertson, CRO
  • Detective/DS3 Connor McGinty
  • Deputy Sheriff I Kali Ravenheart
  • Deputy Ranger I Soverign McKay
  • Deputy Cadet Carlos Courteeze

Juniper Mountain Platoon

Platoon Commander
Platoon Corporal

  • Detective/DC Eric McGrath
  • Deputy Sheriff II Chris Chun, CRO/FTO
  • Deputy Sheriff II Tyler Davis
  • Deputy Sheriff I Bill Niseru
  • Deputy Sheriff I Glitch Vidarr

JCSO Specialized Units

Special Response Team

Leader: VACANT

Parks Unit

Leader: VACANT

  • Deputy Ranger I Soverign McKay